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Thursday 12th May.We flew in from Darwin on a 4 hour flight. It didn't seem that long though. When we arrived it felt freezing as we just flew from Darwin where it was about 35 °C! Sydney however was about 11 °C when we arrived and it felt really cold.
We got a taxi to our house which took about half an hour. The house was the 1st of our 4 swaps that we are doing. It was on 1 floor and was quite small and cosy, but very old and English!. I got my own room and Emily and Daisy shared a room together. The garden had a small pool but it was far to cold to even put your hand in! There was a flower pot which hung down from the canopy that overhung a little table and chairs. There are 2 Rainbow Lorikeets that come everyday to eat the apple pieces which we put out on the flower pot. We also hand fed them which was brilliant. Luckily the house had heating which was good due to the cold weather.

On the first 2 days Friday and Saturday we drove to the supermarket and found our way around. We went to Manly which was only a 10 minute drive from our house. Manly is nice and has some shops and restaraunts by the sea. We looked at some of the Northern beaches on Saturday.
On Sunday we decided to go to Sydney city. It was a nice day and was warm. We drove down to Manly and got on a ferry. It was really exiting on the ferry and an added bonus was that on the way there some dolphins started swimming and jumping out of the water! After about 15 minutes the ferry turned a corner and we headed into the harbour with a fantastic sight of the Sydney harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We were at the front of the boat and got a brilliant view of it. Everybody started taking pictures and Mum started crying! It took about another 10 minutes until we got off the boat. It was quite busy and there was an aborigional band playing the Digeridoo and clapsticks and we got a picture with them. We bought a CD of the music. We walked up to the opera house and got our pictures with it. We then went to "The Rocks" which is an area of bars' cafes' and restaurants. We stopped off at a little Cafe and had lunch. We then walked on the footpath on the bridge. and took pictures of the Opera house when it was all lit up at night.

On Monday and Tuesday we had to do loads of school work which was really boring. On Wednesday we went to manly and saw a pelican in the harbour. It was swimming and getting fish in its mouth. On Thursday we got a bus into Sydney and went to Darling Harbour. We went to Sydney Aquarium which was brilliant especially for me as i love aquariums! We saw lots of sharks, dugongs, loads of different fish and big rays and it was really interesting. We also went to the National Maritime Musium.
On Saturday we went to Bondi beach. We went in the sea and watched the surfers. The sand was squeaky when you walked on it!

On Sunday we went into Sydney on the Manly ferry again. It was still amazing the 2nd time although we didnt see any dolphins. We walked to the Opera house and walked all around it. We then went to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We were surrounded by Cockatoos and I had them on my arms and my head and sitting on my shoulders! I fed them and they all landed on me. One bit my finger until it bled! Emily eventually got some on her but Daisy was a bit frightened of them. It was one of my best experiences of Sydney! We went to a viewing point of the harbour and took some photos. We then walked to Darling Harbour and got some food. we then got the ferry back whilest it turned dark.

On Monday we went to some beaches. We went to Palm beach where Home and Away is filmed. They were filming at that time but we didnt go near them. We went along a path up to a light house and it had a good view over the sea. At the beginning we saw a snake that was hissing and was aggressive. It didn't seem to let us past. Dad, Em and Daisy were already past it but me and Mum were still stuck while it was blocking the path! It was hissing and snapping at us forming S shapes! I had no idea what it was so I went for it and ran past it and it snapped and tried to bite me. Fortunatly it missed! Mum was panicking and didn't want to go past. She started crying and was really scared. Dad was poking it with a stick trying to get it off the path which was making it angry. He moved it under some leaves and mum walked past. It was only afterwards when a man told us it was a Brown Snake - The second most poisonus snake in the world and the deadliest in Australia!
We went to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday. It took us ages to get to the top of the mountain in our little old car! We got some fish and chips to eat at the top of the mountain and then it started to pour down with rain! We went to a shelter and ate them. When we finished the chips it stopped raining. We went and looked at the mountains from some viewing points which was fantastic. We then drove to Scenic World where we went in a glass bottom cable car to get to another part of the mountain. We also went on a train that goes down the mountain at 52° but it was slow. We walked through the forest at the bottom then headed back up on the train. We then went to another part to look at the Three Sisters which is a story of 3 sisters getting turned to stone by a sorcerer, the sorcerer died though before he could end the spell! They were big and we got close up to them.

On Wednesday we did school work and fed the Lorikeets.
We went to North Head at manly where you could view sydney and over the hill you could just see the top of the Bridge. We spotted some Bandicoots that came out at night which are endangered small animals the size of guinea pigs with a long snout.

Thursday - We were going to climb the bridge today but i was too nervous! We went to Sydney again on the bus and went to the fish markets. There were loads of different types of fish and bought some fish and chips and ate them by a harbour. We went on a monorail around Sydney. When it turned dark we walked to the main Sydney Harbour and saw lots of people standing as if they were waiting looking at the Opera house. It turned out that there was a light show projected onto the Opera house so we sat on the edge of the platform where everybody was and got fantastic seats! I videoed the whole thing and it was brilliant. There was a 7 news van and a massive camera which is like English BBC there too! There were other light related events that was part of a VIVID light show. there was a 3D projector on a building that made it look like it fell apart and was amazing. We went round some of the events and then went back on the bus.

On Saturday I decided to do the bridge climb and did it with Mum and Emily. We booked for the 4:15 climb which was the night climb when it was going dark. When it was time we went into a room and everybody intruduced themselves. There were about 10 people climbing and an instructor. We got dressed with all our climbing gear. Mum and Emily were very nervous but suprisingly i wasn't nervous at all! We got tied to the bridge and everything was strapped to your outfit for safety. We set off when it was dark and we got given headsets so we could hear our instructor. When we set off we saw Dad and Daisy at the bottom and they waved us off. The VIVID light show was on the opera house again and it looked fantasic from the bridge. It was 3 and a half hours including the preparation. On the way up the instructor took our photos and the again at the top. It was fantastic at the top and you could see all the lights and skyscrapers. We spent about 20 minutes at the top and then started to go down. There was a fire show going on which we saw when we were walking down. When we got to the bottom we took off our gear and got given certificates. Daisy was very pleased to see us and to celebrate we got fish and chips and ate them at Circular Quay!

Sunday we went to the friends we met in Darwin - Matthew and Emma. They took us to a blow hole which was a big cave where the sea crashes up through the hole making it look like a whales blowhole.

On monday we just did packing and got ready to leave Sydney.

Tuesday we had a pizza by the sea.

Wednesday 1st June - We finished packing and got a mini bus to the airport.

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